• Number to be recruited: 01
  • Working position: Deputy Head of Administrative Organization Department
  • Working place: No. 1 Huynh Tan Phat, Sai Dong B Industrial Park, Long Bien District, Hanoi
  • Type of work: Full time fixed
  • Working time: 8:00 – 17:00 every Monday – Saturday, off Sunday and two Saturdays / month
  • Wage agreement
  • Experience: Over 5 years
  • Required Degree: University or higher
  • Gender requirement: Not required

Job description

  • Advising the Board of Directors to plan resources, build promotion policies and develop human resources for the Company
  • Develop regulations on salary, bonus, and measures to encourage employees to work, and implement regimes for employees.
  • Completing and implementing KPI evaluation system for businesses.
  • Monitoring and implementing welfare policies for employees in accordance with the Company’s regulations and state regulations.
  • Manage, monitor and update accurate, complete and timely personnel information.
  • Carry out the procedures related to the labor relations between the Company and the employees in accordance with the law and the regulations of the Company.
  • Management and monitoring: clerical, security, occupational safety, fire protection, property management, means of transport, logistics, sanitation, office equipment distribution, stationery …
  • Company representatives work with agencies, organizations, individuals, and outside within the scope of their work
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Head of the Department, the Board of Directors of the Company.


  • Salary enjoyed varies from 19 to 24 million / month
  • Enjoy the 13th salary month. Bonus on holidays and New Year.
  • The company organizes annual tours.
  • Working in a dynamic and professional environment
  • Full payment of social insurance-health insurance-unemployment insurance premium after becoming an official employee.
  • Enjoy the health insurance regime.
  • Other regimes as stipulated by the Company

Job requirements

  • Education / Qualifications: College graduate in administration, human resources management, law or related fields.
  • Five-year experience in the same position. Experienced in human resource management, construction and development of human resource processes and regulations in the field of construction management, logistics.
  • Personal quality / Working attitude: Active at work, professional style, resistant to high pressure at work
  • Basic skills: Human Resource Management, Communication, Logistics Organization
  • Proficient in office informatics (word, excel, powerpoint …).
  • Priority: relevant graduate degree, good conversational English.

Profile requirement

  • Job application.
  • Resume with local certification
  • Copy of household registration, identity card
  • Health Certification.
  • Copies of relevant qualifications.
  • Candidate information slip (Sample Hateco BM.QLNS.04 – Application form for Hateco Group)
  • Photo taken within the last 6 months, phone and email


Contact information

Contact person: Anh Hung – 0983041282 –

Company address: No. 1 Huynh Tan Phat, Sai Dong B, Long Bien, Hanoi

Application deadline: June 15, 2020