Job description:

  • Advising and advising the Head of the Board on measures to establish order and discipline for bidding packages, projects that are invested or directly constructed by the Company.
  • Checking and controlling the design, bidding packages, and works in the process of investment, construction of the site and payment of the project to ensure compliance with the provisions of the law on investment and construction. project works and relevant documents guiding the implementation of the Law; comply with regulations on functions and duties and Regulations, Processes, Operational Mechanisms in the Company. Propose handling measures to the Head of the Board. Contents of inspection and control include:
  • Check and control project design documents, design consulting, planning bidding packages;
  • (legal, appropriateness of design, criteria of materials, materials affect price, quality, volume …);
  • Checking and controlling the documents of the bidding packages for the contractor selection stage (legal, quality, quantity, construction method, price …);
  • Check the construction of the site (legal, safety, quality …);
  • Check and control the records of business and marketing bidding packages (legal, quality, volume, measure, price, value …);
  • Examining and controlling advance, payment and settlement documents for consultancy and construction bidding packages of the project; bidding packages, marketing contracts to sell real estate products of the Company (legal, quality, volume, completion, value …)
  • Monitor and urge the Departments / Committees to comply with the requirements for handling, supplementing and correcting shortcomings and limitations of bidding package dossiers in the pre, during and ending stages of investment (after the Board Internal Audit has been checked and controlled)
  • Join the Working Group related to construction work when assigned by Truong Ba
  • Perform other legal duties as assigned by the Board of Directors or Head of Department


  • Salary and bonus according to the agreement
  • Lunch allowance
  • Closed Sunday, Saturday 2 / month
  • Working time: Full-time
  • Promotion opportunities
  • Participate in social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance and trade union
  • Enjoy all benefits under the labor law, to work in a dynamic and professional working environment, with the opportunity to develop themselves and advance.
  • Enjoy all the benefits and remuneration of employees according to the State regulations.


  • Male Female; not over 40 years old
  • TN University / electrical engineering
  • NN: English C / fluent in informatics PM
  • KN: 05 years of project management
  • Application deadline: May 23, 2020
  • Quantity: 01

Profile required

  • Candidate information slip (Sample Hateco BM.QLNS.04 – Application form for Hateco Group)
  • Detailed work history (job, position) in chronological order
  • University diploma related certificates
  • Photo taken within the last 6 months, phone and email


Contact information

Ms. Huyen- 0962870664


Contact address: No. 1, Huynh Tan Phat, Sai Dong Industrial Park, Long Bien, Hanoi