Understand the importance of customs declaration, Hateco Logistics has devoted all efforts to recruiting and training a team of experienced and enthusiastic customs declarants to handle the steps cargo clearance operations for customers.

Customer, when coming to Hateco Logistics, will be consulted about the fastest and safest customs clearance solutions in accordance with current laws of Vietnam as well as international conventions. We have a deep understanding of the regulations and policies of the local government and ensure that the cargo flow smoothly through the border gate and meed the delivery deadline..

Besides, with experience and extensive relationship, Hateco Logistics is confident to meet all the highest requirements of customers quickly, completely and perfectly. When you come to us, your cargo will be cleared smoothly and safely with the right solutions while fully complying with current laws of Vietnam as well as international conventions based on a deep understanding of the regulations and policies of the government.

We consult free of charge on the full of processes and procedures for different types of exports and imports, HS codes, and tax incentives that are most suitable for each item. We provide the following specific services and operations:

  • Prepare profile
  • Apply the best tax code suitable for each item
  • Apply for a license on conditional items
  • Check tax debt information
  • Full consultation before customs clearance
  • Remote and electronic customs declaration.
  • Liquidation of customs dossiers.

When using Hateco Logistics’s import and export customs clearance service, we:

  • On behalf of importers and exporters to ensure that cargo clear quickly and efficiently.
  • On behalf of customers to prepare import and export documents in accordance with customs and laws.
  • Provide consulting services on cargo , taxes and tax rates, import and export restricted cargo , rates, types of customs procedures, letters of credit, insurance claims, domestic and national shipping transport regulations and tariffs …
  • On behalf of the customer to pay taxes, storage charges, and other costs to release the cargo.

In addition, Hateco Logistics also has consulting services and would like to announce the quality of food and cosmetics products, … imported and phytosanitary and animal quarantine to support customers with full package when doing import and export procedures through our company.

With a team of well-trained and experienced staffs, Hateco Logistics can provide import and export clearance services for a variety of cargo such as food, pharmaceutics, household goods, and electronics, cosmetics, garments, machine, ….

To register to use Hateco Logistics’s services or to find out more details of our services, you can contact us at the following information:


Address: No. 1 Huynh Tan Phat, Sai Dong B IP, Thach Ban Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Telephone: 024 7100 6686

Hotline: 0968 161616