Hateco Group opens the spring in early 2020

Joining the exciting atmosphere of the first days of the new year, on the morning of January 30 (ie the 6th day of the New Year’s Eve), Hateco Group held “New Year’s Meeting – Spring 2020”. This is an annual activity and has become a good tradition of Hateco Group on the first day of work after the Lunar New Year holiday.

On the morning of January 30, 2020 (ie the 6th day of the Lunar New Year) in Canh Ty year, the staff of Hateco Group Corporation were present at the headquarters of the Company to attend the “Spring Opening Ceremony” with the expectation that the enterprise would step into one. New year with new successes. The first meeting of Hateco Group Joint Stock Company took place in an excited, warm, intimate atmosphere filled with laughter and joy.

As Hateco Group’s keyword in 2020, Mr. Tran Van Ky emphasized: Hateco Laroma will be the top priority target of the year, and at the same time expressing the confidence of the Board of Directors in the Hateco Laroma project – the project key focus of the Group in 2020, contributing to raising Hateco brand to a new position in the market.

In the happiness and joy of the first day of the year, everyone toast to celebrate the new year and wish each other best wishes, looking forward to a new year “An Khang – Thinh Vuong – Van Su Nhu Y”. This is one of the good cultural features of Hateco that shows solidarity and concern with each other. Besides the best wishes, all employees of the Company also received lucky red envelopes at the beginning of the year.