Recently, on January 11, 2020 at the headquarters – Sai Dong B Industrial Park, Hanoi, Hateco Group Joint Stock Company solemnly celebrated its 15th anniversary with the theme “Hateco Group – 15 years of growth and development ”.

Attending the Ceremony, on the part of the guests, there were leaders of a number of Departments, Branches, Districts, and regulatory agencies in Hanoi City; affiliate partners; representatives of banks; contractors, construction units. In particular, the celebration was attended by representatives of customers – who have always cared for, supported and accompanied Hateco throughout the years.

On the side of Hateco Group, there were the participation of Mr. Tran Van Ky – Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mrs. Tran Thi Le Nga – Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, along with Mr. / Mrs. members of the Board of Management of Hateco. Besides, there were the presence of Mr./Mrs who are leaders representing leaders of member companies, representatives of the Division, departments, and the representatives of units, member companies of the whole employees of Hateco Group. This is a great event for not only the corporation in general, but also of great significance to each employee in particular, because this is an opportunity to meet and look back at each of the 15 years of growth. and development of the corporation and feel themselves increasingly attached to this “second family”

Formerly known as Hanoi Architecture and Investment Joint Stock Company, Hateco now has grown to become a Group with a series of subsidiaries and affiliates – associated with implementing projects: from urban area Tran Lam-Thai Binh went to Hateco Hoang Mai, Hateco Apollo, Hateco Green City, Hateco Green Park and then Hateco Laroma. Moreover, Hateco Group continues to implement many development strategies to increase clean land fund, focusing on expansion – development to key economic regions such as Bac Ninh, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Lao Cai,….

Mr. Tran Van Ky – Chairman of Hateco Group’s Board of Directors shared the Group’s future development orientations

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Tran Van Ky – Chairman of Hateco Group’s Board of Directors shared the Group’s future development orientations, continuing to maintain solidarity, dynamism and corporate culture. We think that customer satisfaction is the target to strive, a measure for the stable and sustainable development of Hateco. In addition to maintaining and developing strong areas of real estate investment, providing customers with quality products, aesthetics and high-end amenities, Hateco Group continues to develop the Logistics sector.

Especially in 2019, Hateco Group has identified a strategy to research and invest in the construction of “Seaport No. 5, No. 6, Lach Huyen Port – Hai Phong” and “Cai Mep Ha Logistics Center – Ba Ria Vung. Ship”. This is considered a large-scale project that has an impact on many economic sectors in Vietnam. Hateco Group hopes to soon bring the system of wharves, warehouses, export processing zones, and order completion centers which will put into operation, bring import and export goods of Vietnam directly to Europe, America, Middle East markets without having to transshipment through intermediate ports in Hong Kong, Singapore.

15 years – mature and develop enough for us to look back at an enterprise with many ups and downs, profound corporate culture, growing and growing development, with works, projects in which is the dedication of the Board of Directors as well as the entire staff of the Group. Looking back on the past journey, the more proud the Hateco has to take responsibility with the enthusiasm of the head who has built and maintained it. There are so many concerns, to find the appropriate direction in the new period. The achievements are still modest compared to the expectations of those who laid the first foundation for the birth of Hateco. However, Hateco has affirmed the consensus, synergies, solidarity to build a solid brand, ready to take on opportunities and challenges.

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