Hateco Apollo Resident have enhanced the spirit to prevent virus corona epidemic

At Hateco Apollo (Xuan Phuong, Hanoi), right after the World Health Organization – WHO announced the global emergency status for acute corona pneumonia (nCoV), the building management has issued an announcement on how to prevent epidemics to all residents.

The notice of the building management stated: “Residents are limited in going to places where crowded people gather. If you have to go to those places, you need to wear a mask to ensure the safety of yourself and the community”. In addition, the measures taken such as: wearing a mask, not calling, talking in the elevator to avoid infection have been commonly applied. Rental households, especially foreigners who lease or use them, must register with the Building Management Board (BMB).

Residents with guests staying or family traveling, festivals … must inform and self-control their health to avoid affecting other residents; Households whose family members suffer from flu, fever … have to isolate themselves and notify the BMB to take measures to support, ensure safety and avoid infection; The security department directly monitors the people entering the elevator and the tenant households to promptly handle the incident when necessary with the Management Board; The department cleans continuously and ensures cleaning of areas, especially places where crowded people like halls and in elevators. At the same time, the BMB contacted to provide free masks for residents in and out of the building.

Mr. Hoang Dinh Tung – Representative of the Management Board of Hateco Apollo Building said: “From today 03/2/2020 will let the staff of the Management Board knock on the door, check each house (check visitors to visit, stay, rent a house … not a resident of Hateco but do not notify the Management Board Residents who do not wear a mask will not allow access to the elevator.  Residents carrying a lot of belongings will be required to disinfect with wash water prepared by the security guard ”.

Image of Hateco Apollo residents actively coordinating when participating in epidemic prevention: