Long Bien ICD officially came into operation in 2020, is the extended arm of seaports, airports, border gates, roads to major economic hubs in the North, helping enterprises to reduce customs clearance time and quickly complete all import and export clearance procedures, deliver cargo safely, save cost and time.

Advantages in port location and full services ensure to fulfill perfectly transportation needs of shipping lines, 2PL/ 3PL freight forwarding companies, import-export companies, and trading service companies,…

    • Area: 12ha (120,000sqm)
    • Port code: VNILB
    • Customs clearance capacity: 135,000 TEU / year
    • Operation: 24/7
    • Address: No.1 Huynh Tan Phat St, Sai Dong Industrial Zone, Thach Ban Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi.


  • Forwarding at destination port:  Long Bien ICD is recognized as location to do custom formalities for imported and exported cargo and forwarding services for destination port. When cargo arriving at the seaport / airport are transferred directly to Long Bien ICD to do customs clearance to save time, and Bill of lading should clearly states: Final Delivery / Place of Delivery is Long Bien ICD
  • Store and distribute empty container : Transfer containers from seaport to ICD Long Bien, receive, classify, clean containers after customers return empty containers to ICD, repair containers (if any), store and transfer empty containers from ICD to when requested by shipping lines.
  • Stuff and unstuff containers of import and export cargo at container yard: Import and export cargo are stuffed and unstuffed at the container yard and transferred to trucks at the shipper’s request.
  • Transfers of bulkcargos, Less than container load (LCL), Full container load (FCL): Load and unload containers at the carrier’s request: Unload containers on foreign transportation vehicles (GMS trucks, Chinese trucks, etc.) when arriving at Long Bien ICD and store at the transshipment area in ICD for a certain time period. Load containers onto foreign transportation vehicles (GMS trucks, Chinese trucks, etc.) to transport to territory outside of Vietnam.
  • Keep and store reefer containers: When customers return reefers , Hateco Logistics’ refrigeration team will conduct inspections and store containers at refferred zones. For reefers, before packing, the refrigeration team will set the temperature, ventilation and humidity level as requested in the booking.
  • Packing, split and label import and export cargo : Import and export cargo are splitted, packed and labeled by Hateco Logistics at the owner’s request.
  • Customs inspection support: When Customs officer inspects the shipment, Hateco Logistics provides inspection support services including lift off containers for cargo inspection, seal remove, forklifts for inspection, sampling, and new seal plier.
  • Imported and domestic car yard: Hateco Logistics hastwo car yards with a capacity of more than 800 imported vehicles & domestic vehicles. We provide safe vehicle storage and satisfy a wide range of customer services requirements.


To register to use Hateco Logistics’s services or to find out more details of our services, you can contact us at the following information:


Address: No. 1 Huynh Tan Phat, Sai Dong B IP, Thach Ban Ward, Long Bien District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Telephone: 024 7100 6686

Hotline: 0968 161616

Email: kinhdoanhhtl@hateco.com.vn